Problem Trees on the River

Volunteers with the Au Sable River Watershed Committee deal with problem trees in the Au Sable Mainstream and South Branch. Committee volunteers will take care of trees that have fallen in the river that interfere with navigation or are causing erosion issues. The blockage will opened by about eight feet and the wood cut out will be left in the river.

If you have a problem tree, send an email to [email protected]. Please include pictures, gps (lat and long) if possible, otherwise a detailed description of location with directions. Also include contact information. An ASRWC volunteer will contact you to arrange a site visit.

The Au Sable River Watershed Committee was established in 1992 with a primary goal of finding and treating erosion in the watershed. Over thirty partner groups including property owners associations, fishing organizations, conservation groups, road commissions, businesses, and state and federal agencies agreed to “the restoration and preservation of the Au Sable River watershed as a highly prized, multiple use natural resource.”

Today the ASRWC is a 501-c3 non-profit focused on invasives, under-addressed areas in the watershed, and public education.

ARPOA has partnered more recently with the ASRWC to host a Huron Pines AmeriCorps volunteer (2011-2015) and to combat invasive species (2011- present).

To learn more about the Au Sable River Watershed Committee, go to