River Guardians

Sign up as a River Guardian! ARPOA initiated the River Guardians project several years ago to monitor the health and status of the river. The Mainstream and South Branch were divided into reaches and volunteers recruited to float their section at least twice a year and report to the project leader. The reports include the date of the float and any issues requiring further investigation, such as indication of PFAS foam/contamination, invasives, obstructions to navigation, erosion, unpermitted structures in or out of the stream, etc. This information is shared with the appropriate agency for further investigation. The ARPOA is not an enforcement entity but acts as a conduit between property owners and the State or Federal agencies designated to protect and preserve the natural resources of Michigan.

The reaches are listed below. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at [email protected].


Frederic to Pollack Bridge
Pollack Bridge to Grayling (park in town)
Grayling to Burton’s Landing (claimed)
Burton’s Landing to Wakeley Bridge
Wakeley Bridge to McMaster’s
McMaster’s to Parmalee
Parmalee to Camp 10
Camp 10 to Mio Dam

South Branch

Roscommon to Chase Bridge
Chase Bridge to Smith Bridge
Smith Bridge to the Mainstream