Resources for ARPOA Position Statement on Camp Grayling Expansion


Duby, M. (2022) Camp Grayling Expansion – Please help spread awareness. video goes over many of the concerns of the expansion.

Facebook (2022) Camp Grayling expansion. Facebook page focuses on the expansion with 4.4 k members. 

230isenough (2002) Stop the Camp Grayling Expansion. website serves as a central source of information about the Camp Grayling Expansion Proposal.

State of Michigan (2022) State of Michigan; Strategic Plan for the State for Fiscal Years 2023-2027. document outlines the future plans for the NG such as expanding Northern Strike (e.g., adding Taiwan), modernizing the Graying Army Airfield to support training up to an Expeditionary Combat Aviation Brigade, Camp Grayling to becomes a preferred training location for armor and field artillery, and being able to compete for Space. Scroll down to the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA). An important column is “Market Michigan’s DMVA.”

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The Honorable Gretchen Whitmer Governor of Michigan
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